Digital Entrepreneur Balwinder Singh Says Influencers Need Digital Marketing To Thrive


The internet wasn’t a crowded space a few years, as it has become now. There is an abundant number of creators and influencers active on various platforms. The overwhelming number of influencers gives birth to a new problem of sharing good limelight. Even if the content is stellar and original, without a dedicated audience, it is no use. The digital marketing savant in highlight today is Mr. Balwinder Singh, who is helping budding influencers to get the attention that they deserve.

Mr. Balwinder Singh has been in the digital marketing space for almost eight years. He started early in life when he was fiddling around with websites, their rankings, and social media. He helped a lot of upcoming creators in the technology, fashion, and lifestyle niche by slowly growing their outreach and audience.

He explains, “Every influencer faces an initial hurdle of not getting enough engagement on social media despite having top-notch content. I help them by optimizing the SEO and SMO strategies that can help them engage their audience in a better way while maintaining heavy traffic on their interacting platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc. Just uploading content and waiting for the audience to eventually find you is a career-ending deal. If you feel that your content can change and impact the audience, better get digital marketing services integrated into your regime.”

Mr. Balwinder Singh wants to give influencers better control over their engagement by using SEO and SMO strategies. The ultimate goal of an influencer is to earn remuneration, and that is only possible if you have brands that want to use your account to reach more audiences. This way, it is a win-win situation for both the brands and Influencers.