E-motorcycle maker One Electric expands exports to 8 countries with Dubai operations, Auto News, ET Auto

E-motorcycle maker One Electric expands exports to 8 countries with Dubai operationsNoida-based One Electric Motorcycles on Monday said that it has started operations in Dubai, the eighth overseas market it has entered, reinforcing its position as one of the leading exporters of electric two-wheelers from India.

The electric motorcycles maker already has operations in five African countries, the USA, and Nepal, besides India.

It plans to ramp up business to 20,000 units a month across three continents by the end of this year, as per a press statement.

“This fast-paced expansion is in line with our vision of becoming a truly global electric motorcycle company, and we plan to reach presence in 15 countries by the year end,” said Gaurav Uppal, the chief executive of One Electric.

The operations in Dubai were in the phase-1 of expansion, the company said, where it sends a small batch of motorcycles for test marketing and analysis with an aim of understanding the local market conditions, environmental constraints and requirements.

“This phase typically takes 8-10 months, and this is why we want to start limited operations in as many regions as possible,” Uppal said. “After initial performance data is assessed, we move to phase-2 of bulk deliveries in these regions, increasing numbers in a gradual manner. This phase should start by the last quarter of this year and we plan to reach scale of 20,000 units a month by mid of 2023.”

One Electric is also working with B2B ecommerce companies in India for strategic partnerships, and will be commencing operations in this sector shortly.

After India, Africa and Middle East, the company is now assessing the European market and working on meeting the technical requirements there, as per the press statement.

“The European Union’s decision to phase out (internal combustion) engines by year 2035 will open up interesting opportunities for us,” the chief executive said. “This is where we stabilise our expansion, reach target sales numbers, before moving on to the South American and South East Asian markets, marking our presence in 4 continents.”