Earthquake in Iran: Magnitude 5.8 Quake Strikes Off 27 Km NNE of Bandar-e Genaveh


Tehran, April 18: The United States Geological Survey (USGS) on Sunday reported an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8, 27 km North North East (NNE) of Bandar-e Genaveh, Bushehr Province in Iran.

The earthquake took place around 6:41 am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), with its epicentre at a latitude of 29.787°N and a longitude of 50.669°E, and at a depth of 10 km. Earthquake in Japan: 5.8 Magnitude Quake Hits Miyagi Prefecture, No Tsunami Warning Issued.

No fewer than four major tectonic plates (Arabia, Eurasia, India, and Africa) and one smaller tectonic block (Anatolia) are responsible for seismicity and tectonics in the Middle East and the surrounding region.

Geologic development of the region is a consequence of a number of first-order plate tectonic processes that include subduction, large-scale transform faulting, compressional mountain building and crustal extension.