ECB announces ‘social media review’ of historic posts


Review will address historical issues, remind players of responsibilities and “help them learn”

The ECB has announced a “social media review” after admitting the sport’s attempts to prove itself inclusive have been “severely diminished” following the emergence of a series of historic tweets by players.

The episode was sparked by the re-emergence of comments made by Ollie Robinson on Twitter when he was aged 18 and 19. The tweets, which included sexist and racist material, came to prominence on Robinson’s first day as a Test player and jarred with the team’s commitment to combatting discrimination.

In the following days, numerous further historic tweets from high-profile players came to light which also looked at odds with the standards and values expressed by the current England team and ECB executive.

Coming at a time when the sport is desperate to promote a more inclusive image, it left the ECB board admitting in a statement on Saturday that its “aspiration to become a more inclusive and welcoming sport for all” was “severely diminished whilst discriminatory content remains in the social media space”.

The ECB board therefore confirmed a social media review designed to “address any historical issues, remind individuals of their personal responsibilities going forward, and help them learn lessons along the way”.