Elon Musk reacts to recent spate of Tesla criticism


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has attempted to mount a defense of the flurry of recent accusations against his company and the ensuing flak on social media by terming these as ‘weird.’ Known to be active on social media platforms where he has millions of followers, Musk’s reaction in this regard was in a response to a tweet.

It has been a tough past fortnight for Tesla after a fatal accident in Texas involving one of its electric vehicles and the incident at Shanghai Motor Show where a woman climbed on a display model to protest what she claimed were faulty brakes on a Tesla she owned. (Read – Tesla says sorry)

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With much adulation on social media also often comes bitter backlash and Tesla’s reaction – nature as well as timing – have been put under the scanner, apart from glare from authorities.

Tesla does command a massive following on virtual platforms and one such apparent fan commented recently on how ‘media is ramping up attacks against Tesla, Autopilot, Tesla solar, one pedal driving, the Tesla community, and Elon.’ To this tweet, Musk had a swift albeit short response. “Does seem a little weird,” he wrote.

At a time when Tesla share prices have taken a bit of a hit in the US, Chinese authorities raised aspersions about on-board cameras in its vehicles, suspicions over role of autonomous driving in the Texas crash and overall rise in queries about the quality of Tesla vehicles, it may be a time of concern for Musk who is now one of the wealthiest persons in the world.

Musk has a rather unique way of going about his business operations and is known to have a ‘no holds barred’ approach on Twitter. While his working style has often been praised – even by rivals, it has also come under scrutiny and caused legal troubles for him and his company.