Eric McNeil Is Building Generational Wealth And Teaching His Clients How To Become Their Own Banks


Diamond Financial Group provides the kind of value that a RoboAdvisor could never achieve.

The financial planning and insurance agency assists clients in protecting and growing their assets and income to meet their long-term goals — but with a twist. 

Most people roll their eyes up at the idea of life insurance. In a world where many companies seem to be offering the same thing for questionable prices, it can be easy to turn down an offer, even if it’s good for you. That’s why Diamond Financial Group positions life insurance as mortgage insurance. No one wants to entertain a salesman, but they will listen (and buy) if you’re offering a service that they know will benefit them. 

When a family buys a house, they now have a certain amount of newly acquired debt. In the event one of the spouses passes away, one spouse now has to replace income and cover the debt which is both a financial and emotional strain.

Diamond Financial Group works with lenders, real estate agents and their clients to get quality and affordable mortgage protection for buyers to prevent these burdens. 

But, it doesn’t stop there. Diamond Financial Group is a full service-oriented financial planning firm. Not only do they advise clients, but they also help create long-term financial plans, too. 

Using a 4 pillar process, Diamond Financial Group ensures their clients hit their financial goals:

Protection: Reviews home, auto, life, health, disability and business insurance to ensure clients are properly protected and have the best prices possible.

Wealth building: Pushes clients to work with 20% of their income to use for wealth building purposes.

Liquidity: Helps clients obtain 100% of annual income in some liquid fashion. Liquid income is the money people can rely on for life events.  If a client makes 100k a year, advisors want to see 100k combined between, checking/savings, investment portfolio, cash value life insurance, and cash.

Debt: Assists clients in paying off debt while simultaneously building liquid funds. 

This 4-step plan has proven effective for many of the firm’s clients. It sets clients up to become their own banks. This gives clients the power to borrow from themselves, feel secure with their insurance policies and be protected financially in the event of a death of a loved one.  

Its success can be credited to the expertise of the financial planners and the use of the Monte Carlo Simulation, a software program that runs 1000 trials on market conditions and provides a complete overview of success rates for every kind of formulated plan.

Under the direction of Founders Eric McNeil (Instagram @eric_mcneil) and Weston Woolsey, the finance firm sets itself apart with state-of-the-art technology, expertise, strategic marketing and a true concern for the financial health of its clients. Working with more than  40 companies, they are confident to find the best deals for insurance in the industry.

Learn More about Financial Advisor Eric McNeil

Originally from Arizona, Eric McNeil ( had $10 to his name (and a generous cousin who lent him a month’s worth of rent) when he decided to leave home and ride his dad’s bike to Wells Fargo for a series of interviews. After securing a job at the financial services company, he began to work his way through the banking industry. After a series of promotions he spent his last dollars again to get a ring for the love of his life who he credits to be an anchor and the ultimate reason for his motivation for success. With a devoted partner, he knew he could then dedicate his time and energy to chase his dreams.

After finding out that his own father never had a plan for retirement, he made it his mission to make one for both his parents. This inspired him to pursue a career in financial planning.  worked his way through licensing, became an advisor at US Bank, moved to Utah and started Diamond Financial Group. 

Now, McNeil’s parents are close to retiring with their vehicles and house paid off— which shows that even someone in their 50s can start preparing for retirement. 

Diamond Financial Group prides itself on its mission to empower clients to become their own banks. Through education and expertise, the company sets clients up to build wealth and obtain proper protection to avoid financial setbacks.

It is a fiduciary with a huge network of 40 companies to get the best deals possible for their clients.