Extraordinary Bay Bio Officially Launches AI Enabled Cell Culture Media Development Platform, AlfaMedX


Great Bay Bio Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as “GBB”) is pleased to announce that the company’s self-developed AI-enabled cell culture media development platform, AlfaMedX®, is officially launched. AlfaMedX® is created through the convergence betweenAI, big data and biotechnology, enabling the development of optimized cell culture media within a short timeframe of 2 months, thus partiallysolvingthe pain points of“high cost, long development cycle and high risk” in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Cell culture media is an essential “nutrient” in biotechnologymanufacturing processes across different industries, including biologic therapeutics, cell therapies, gene therapies and even new meat substitutes. However,rapid developmentof an optimized, high quality cell culture media has always been a challenge, andtherefore companies choose to use expensive commerciallyavailable cell culture media, which significantly dictate downstream development and manufacturing cost, and is sensitive to supply chain risk. Hence, AlfaMedX®use case is extremely attractive,capable ofreducingdevelopment time and cost up to 80%of customizable cell culture media and still deliveringsimilar results as commercially available cell culture media, biotechnology enterprises will now have another lever to maintain their cost-effectivenessamongst cut-throat competition.

“We used thousands of formulations to train our algorithm and worked with several partners during the trial period to validate the platform, the result of which verifies AlfaMedX®’s advantageous functions.”said Dr. Michael Chen, CEO of Great Bay Bio, “We also successfully launched AI-enabled cell line development platform Klone4.0™ back in October 2020. By utilizing both Klone 4.0TM and AlfaMedX® platforms in tandem, we successfully picked out high producing cell lines and, concurrently, customized media for those cell lineswithin 4 months,a feat that greatly outpaceswhat traditional methodscan achieve.”

About Great Bay Bio

Headquartered in Hong Kong, GBB is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to applying artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to biopharmaceutical development and other blue ocean bio-products, ultimately solving numerous pain points of biopharmaceutical industry, including high failure rates, long development timeline and high costs. Since the company’s establishment, it has obtained massive data from conventional biologics development in its 3100 m2 CMC facilities. With over USD$46M investment, the facilities bolster advance equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. GBB has also successfully brought a number of biologic products to NDA stage, some of which are classified as national class I innovative drugs. Currently, the company has created the intelligent centralized database, where deep learning is being performed to create next generation of AI-enabled bioprocessing ecosystem.