Fatima Sana Shaikh Reveals Being Punched by a Man After She Reacted to Him Touching Her Inappropriately


Fatima Sana Shaikh is currently enjoying the release of Ajeeb Daastaans on Netflix. She has been interacting with her fans on social media and has been talking about the film and her overall Bollywood experience. She recently opened up about being in a toxic relationship, and talked about how women are often stuck in certain relationships because they are dependent on the men in their lives. When Fatima Sana Shaikh Had Her ‘City Girl’ Mode On During Ajeeb Daastaans Promotions.

No in another shocking interview, the actress has opened up about the time a man punched her in the face. She narrated the story of how she had once slapped a man for misbehaving with her, and reacting to the same, he punched her very badly. She told, “Main raste mein jaa rahi thi gym ke baad. Ek ladka aaya aur wo ghoor raha tha. Toh maine bola, ‘Kya ghoor raha hai?’ (He said) ‘Ghoorunga, meri marzi.’ Maine kaha ‘Maar khaana hai?’ (He said) ‘Maar’. (I was on my way back from the gym when I noticed a man starring at me. I confronted him and asked why he was staring. He said ‘it is my wish’. I asked him if he wanted a slap. He replied, ‘slap me’.”

She went on to reveal how she got involved in a battle of words during which he touched her face. She went on to talk about how her father has been her support system and he rushed behind the man when he heard about the incident. “I slapped him, he punched me. I blacked out. Of course, I called my father first and informed him about the incident. He came with two-three other men. You know how fathers are. That man ran into a street. My father, my brother, and their friends went all, ‘kaun tha jo meri beti ko haath lagaya? (Who touched my daughter)'”

Earlier, Fatima had opened up about how she constantly doubts herself. She told IANS, “Every day you go through your own journey of asking questions to yourself. There are your own challenges and weaknesses. You have to overpower them and overcome. You’d cross those and then you have more challenges and insecurities. That is a constant journey. Every day, there is a new mindset.” Fatima Sana Shaikh Has That Keep Calm And Knockout In Red Kinda Vibe Going On!

In Ajeeb Daastaans, the actress features in the first story of the anthology, titled Majnu. She plays Leepakshi, a young woman stuck in an unhappy marriage with actor Jaideep Ahlawat’s character.

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