Fit With Cambrie Founder Cambrie Schroder Proves it is Cool to Live a Healthy Life


Cambrie Schroder wants to break the mold of unhealthy habits shown on Instagram in the fitness community. Growing up in Malibu, California, she was always surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful and successful people. Cambrie always aimed to be as fit as possible for her swim shoots, but felt she did not have anyone to look up to for inspiration. So, Cambrie decided to take that role on herself and become an inspiration for others.

Cambrie began teaching fitness dance classes to her sister and friends when she was just fifteen years old. This is what made her love inspiring others, because teaching others helped her discover her own sense of confidence. Then, she began posting to Instagram to expand her reach and inspire girls all over the world.

Next, she launched Fit With Cambrie, her lifestyle brand that offers clean, natural, and nutritious supplements. She is proud to have built the brand without any help, starting out by purchasing ten protein jars at a time, and now having a full production team that is committed to just her brand. Cambrie wanted to make a product that would push girls to aspire to live a healthy lifestyle rather than pursuing a diet they would dread sticking to. Cambrie drank lots of smoothies that were very high in sugar, so she decided to create a well balanced protein supplement that would be the ideal healthy product.

Fit With Cambrie provides girls with a product that makes fitness delicious and something to look forward to. Her program has provided hundreds of girls from all over the world with a sense of community. For Cambrie, it is all about being feminine while still living a healthy lifestyle. The product itself is the best quality supplement in the market, without compromising the amazing taste. It provides the best ratio of carbs and fat to build lean muscles.

Cambrie wants to show others that you can live a meaningful and healthy life without conforming to standards others have set. It is not about going out and partying all the time. Sometimes, the best way to live is by being a good person and spending quality time with those you love.