Fitness Freak & Social Media Influencer Sushant Pal Creating a Good Buzz for Fitness Using Digital Revolution


We live in a digital age where trends are driven electronically. Using digital media, we can easily reach anyone and influence people using different digital tools. In a sense, it has become an important tool for one and all. There are many people who thrive on digital marketing tools and one of these include the fitness freak and social media influencer – Sushant Pal. He is going great guns with his social media and digital campaigns surrounding health and fitness.

He feels that in today’s world when we are pitted under the plaque of Covid 19, fitness and being healthy is the key. This way one can improve his or her immunity level and thus keep all the viruses and disabilities at bay. Thus during the lockdown period, these seemed to be the emergence of virtuals congressional and meeting thus boosting up the virtual clusters. He being a social media influencer used this opportunity to spread awareness for healthy living and boosting up the fitness level as well.

Being good in content and having a good understanding of digital marketing he has used his influencer stature to market healthy stuff. His passion for fitness and fashion helped him to drive several campaigns that moved around fitness. With more than 20K followers on Instagram, he keeps on sharing video content and inspirational stuff to drive things smoothly. All these things have made him popular allowing more than 250 brands including Puma to partner for the social media campaigns on health and fitness.