Fitness Model Sharlette Villatoro on How Fitness Made a Positive Impact on Her Life & Mental Health


A lot of people realised the importance and benefits of fitness and exercising amid the pandemic. As a result, many people started focusing on their physical health to increase their strength and deal with the anxiety caused due to the virus and lockdown. Similarly, for Sharlette Villatoro, fitness proved a boon years ago and helped her battle depression and anxiety.

People in Guatemala know Sharlette Villatoro as a popular fitness model, coach and trainer. But, just the way exercising changed her life; she decided to help others experience the same content and peaceful feeling. On the application Trainerize, Sharlette helps people with workout regime and meals plan based on their goals and physique. She also keeps track of her clients’ progress through the app.

About choosing a career related to fitness, Shar shares, ” I chose my current profession because is my passion for helping others succeed and reach their weight goals. Or any fitness goal they want to accomplish.”

Fitness model Sharlette Villatoro shares about the time when she was in depression, was insecure about herself and hated her body. But giving her time for fitness and exercising brought a lot of positive change in her personality. She decided to be a professional athlete and won many accolades in the same.

When asked to describe herself, she shared, “I am a very caring, responsible, down to earth individual. I take my work very seriously. I go in with you on the training and nutrition. I’m a pusher. I care deeply about others. Your goal becomes my goal when it comes to helping someone reach a fitness goal,” added the professional trainer.

Sharlette Villatoro’s goal as an athlete is to become the next USA champion. Apart from dedicating her time to working out, she loves travelling, spending time exploring new places, reading and enjoying movies.