Ford aiming to take lead in North American EV offensive


Ford Motor Company has been making headlines for the last couple of days, thanks to its latest electric vehicle Ford F-150 Lightning, which is the BEV variant of the most popular vehicle in the US, the Ford F-Series pickup truck. Now, with the phenomenal response to the electric pickup truck, Ford aims to take the leading position in the EV offensive in the US market.

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Earlier, in February 2021, Ford announced its plans to phase out the internal combustion engine vehicles from its European portfolio. This phasing out of the conventional fuel vehicles will commence from 2030. This strategy comes in line with the zero-emission mobility target set by several European countries.

In Europe, Ford will electrify its entire range by 2026, as claimed by the automaker. Now, it seems, the automobile brand will follow the same path in the North American market as well, where it is a very stronghold.

Ford is yet to announce any deadline or timeline for the rollout of electric vehicles in the North American market, but the signal coming from the brand is strong.

It can be easily said that the Ford F-150 Lightning is just the tip of the iceberg of the automaker’s EV offensive. However, F-150 Lightning is not the only pure electric vehicle introduced by the automaker. Earlier, it also introduced the all-electric coupe SUV Mustang Mach-E, which is the all-electric high-performance variant of the iconic Ford Mustang.

Ford is also working on E-Transit, an all-electric variant of the Ford Transit van. Besides introducing electric vehicles, Ford is also working on developing the EV charging infrastructure network across the US, as a strong charging network is required for the proper development of electric mobility.