Former Harley Davidson contract manufacturer Saera Electric to produce LML EVs, Auto News, ET Auto


 This is the first of many steps for LML to transition into a 100% ‘Make in India’ company by the end of 2025.
This is the first of many steps for LML to transition into a 100% ‘Make in India’ company by the end of 2025.

New Delhi: LML Electric on Thursday announced a partnership with Saera Electric Auto for contract manufacturing.

According to the two-wheeler maker, Saera was formerly doing contract manufacturing for Harley Davidson. Its facility is located in Bawal, Haryana, and will produce the upcoming range of LML EVs. The manufacturing plant spans 2,17,800 square feet and has a capacity of 18,000 units a month.

In September last year, the scooter brand from the yesteryears had announced its plans to re-enter the market with an electric two-wheeler.

LML intends to build a future-ready manufacturing facility using Saera’s cutting-edge technology and processes. This is the first of many steps for LML to transition into a 100% ‘Make in India’ company by the end of 2025, said the company statement.

Yogesh Bhatia, CEO, LML, said, “We are very pleased to announce this important collaboration with one of the most reputed manufacturing names in the two-wheeler and auto segment. Saera was our first choice because the company holds unparalleled expertise and reputation with some of the world’s premier auto brands.”

“We foresee an immediate need for automakers to reduce their dependence on imports and build an infrastructure that is designed and capable to address the rapidly growing demand in India and the world over. We are confident that this partnership will be a stepping stone in our vision to redefine and reimagine the future of EV manufacturing in India to bring the country at par with global manufacturing standards,” he said.

Incorporated in 1972, LML offered scooters, motorcycles and mopeds as well as spares and accessories. In 1983, the company commenced production of 100 cc scooters in technical collaboration with Piaggio Vespa Italy and entered into several licensing agreements and later the brand entered the motor market.

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The electric two-wheeler Industry is gearing up to build capacity in excess of 30 million units a year by 2026. It is 50% more than the annual peak sales of two-wheelers in India so far. If realised, even an optimistic 100% electric scenario in 2030 will result in a glut. It’s a classic bubble built on exaggeration and hype spurred by investors who remain bullish in search of today’s disruptors becoming tomorrow’s champions. In the long run, consolidation may be the natural corollary.

With this partnership along with the expansion of their existing Ludhiana facility, Hero Electric will be able to meet its demand of manufacturing over 1 million EVs a year. The joint efforts will also be a key factor in developing a platform approach to help electrification of Peugeot Motorcycles in which’ M&M has a controlling stake, the company said in a statement.