FRIENDS: Did You Know The Ending Scene Of Salman Khan’s Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya Is Lifted From The Sitcom? (Watch Video)


Friends: The Reunion happened today and took all on a nostalgia trip. We all have a Friends story and so does Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya. Do you remember the ending scene of the movie? The one where Salman Khan runs to the airport to stop Sushmita Sen from going abroad by leaving him. That scene is an exact replica of the scene from the finale episode of Friends last season. FRIENDS the Reunion Review: Nostalgic, Heartbreaking, Touching and Somewhat Stretched, ‘The One Where It All Comes Back’! (Scoop Buddy Exclusive)

Ross and Phoebe run to the airport to stop Rachel from flying to Paris when Phoebe calls her up to make an excuse about the plane not having a ‘phalange’. The person sitting next to her overhears it and panics. That stalls the flight. In Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, it’s Arshad Warsi informing Sushmita about no mag wheel in the plane. Rest all play out the way it is shown in Friends.

Check out the two scenes here…

This even beats the whole debate about who copied whom in this context. It is wildly believed that Just Go With It starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler is a remake of Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya. But the fact is both are a remake of the 1969 Hollywood movie Cactus Flower. Does the scene enrage you anymore?

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