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About a year since the pandemic changed the dynamic of organizations around the world, many small and medium-sized businesses are still suffering from the economic impact ushered by the global health crisis., a revolutionary advertising agency, was created during the turmoil of the pandemic. The agency clearly understands the crucial needs of many types of businesses within the global marketplace. They offer tools and strategies that can jumpstart business growth to another level. Committed to helping small, medium-sized, and large businesses alike, the agency provides a fresh approach to marketing by utilizing ground-breaking technology and unique creative strategies.  

Founded by entrepreneur, Jacob Philip Jacknin, Gain Advertising LLC was developed at the height of the pandemic, at a time when numerous businesses were forced to close down for good. He realized the need to step up to the challenge to help countless small and medium sized businesses grow their digital marketing footprint.

“When I saw businesses struggling throughout the country, I knew I had to help”, Jacob Jacknin explained. “I don’t think most advertising agencies are doing a good enough job. I knew I was talented in marketing and advertising from my experience, so this business is a vessel to help companies around the world maximize earning potential.”

Gain Advertising offers subscription-based pricing options for organizations in various industries including hospitality, law, insurance, real estate, retail, auto sales, and more. The company focuses on strategic exposure for all of its clients and always strives to deliver results beyond client expectations. Cleary, is proving to make the world a better place. 

Its founder is best known for acquiring an application from Japan at the young age of 19 and turning it into a Top 100 Paid Game on the Apple IOS app store. It ranked #94 in the world with only a $50 marketing budget in under 30 days. Jacob is a persistent entrepreneur and visionary  who is not hesitant to take initiative, and now focuses on building internet companies that bring utmost value to the world. He has a unique gift for identifying how to maximize the earning potential for many types of businesses within various industries. This same skill and passion is something he brings to the table when helping his clients at Gain Advertising LLC.  He recently graduated from The University of Miami and was on the Dean’s List for Academic Excellence as well as the Honor Roll. 

The agency is helping businesses make sense of the marketing dilemma through the use of digital advertising techniques that create an impact using a targeted approach. The agency can be reached out on @gainadvertising, their official Instagram handle or, their official website.

Armed with a clear vision to help hundreds of businesses on a global scale, intends to use innovative technologies, effective marketing solutions, and creative techniques to bring businesses to the next level. This exciting company is one that will help businesses solve the marketing puzzle even during future economic challenges. By empowering businesses to be able to thrive under any condition, Gain Advertising LLC is helping companies maximize market share.