Garena Free Fire adds new character, Maro, to the game


Garena has announced that it has added a new character for Free Fire players in India. Called Maro, the new character aids those who like to deal damage at a distance, such as snipers. The new character’s likeness is based on Mohamed Ramadan, an Egyptian actor and singer. Maro was added to the game as part of the OB27 update along with Xyane.

Garen Free Fire – Backstory of Maro

According to the in-game files, Maro is 32 years old and is a Falconer by profession. He also partakes in bow hunting as a hobby. His birthdate is May 23, which is the same as Mohamed Ramadan. 

Garena Free Fire – Ability of Maro

Maro comes with an ability called Falcon Fervor. It is a passive ability, which means that players won’t have to turn it on in order to use it. This ability grants Maro increased damage at range and increased damage to marked enemies.

At level one, The maximum damage inflicted by Maro at range tops out at 5%, while damage to marked enemies increases by 1%. As with other characters, leveling up Maro gradually increases the abilities’ effectiveness. At the maximum Level 6, Maro can dish out up to 25% additional damage to players at range, and 3.5% additional damage to marked enemies. 

Garena Free Fire – Strategy with Maro

Maro’s Falcon Fervor ability makes him a great asset to snipers or players who prefer to deal damage at range. Of course, distance is key to effectively using the characters, as such, scopes or sniper rifles are vital to make the best use of the character. During close-quarters engagements, Maro will not be able to make the best use of his abilities. However, the extra damage to marked enemies can help swing things around. Regardless, those planning to use Maro as their main character will be better off at range, and leave room clearing to their team.