Gem Selections Introduces a System to Verify Gemstones Authenticity


Gem Selections is the only brand in India to establish buyers trust through selling 100 % real govt. lab certified  gemstones since 1987. Gem Selections backed by the Khanna Gems Group has been the leader in the Gemstones industry since the past 3 decades. Gem Selections has always been very transparent in delivering 100% quality assured gemstones to its customers. But now since the brand has such a massive footprint. Today Gem Selections®️ gemstones are sold online, through its dealers & stores, a question arises that How to ensure that the gemstone you are buying is actually a Gem Selections®️ product or not. ? You can verify the same from now using the new system introduced by Gem Selections®️.

Why need to verify?

Since being the leading brand from the past 3 decades, Gem Selections®️ have always worked on the motto of trustbuliding and transparency . They want that each customer should be assured about the quality of their product and truly specifying that the product has been consigned from Gem Selections®️ only and there is no discrepancy in the product dispatched and it is the same item that a customer has recieved. For this reason, Gem Selections have started this initiative to verify their products through their website so that customers trust in the brand remain intact & they can buy Gem Selections®️ products with ease sitting anywhere in the world.

How to verify?

Now you can crosscheck that the gemstones you have puchased from Gem Selections stores, dealers or online are actually a Gem Selections product or not. From 1st June, 2021  Gem Selections will be providing you with four things along with each and every product you purchase whether it is online or offline.

It will include-

1. A GST bill

2. An IGI-GTL govt.lab certificate

3. A Gem Selections certificate of Quality Assurance with QR code

4. A Gem Selections certificate of Authenticity containing:

• the purchase id

• the store id

• an executive id

You can use the details given in the Gem selections certificate of authenticity to cross check whether the product purchased is actually a Gem Selections product or not by following the simple steps given in the website

We are glad to see this initiative of Gem Selections. This proves how much Khanna Gems Group values the integrity of their brand.