Germany Bars Visitors from Britain, Northern Ireland Over COVID-19 Variants of Concern


Berlin, May 22: Travellers from Britain and Northern Ireland will be barred from Sunday from entering Germany, which has classified the United Kingdom as a Covid-19 virus variant area of concern region.

“Germany has classified the United Kingdom as an area of variant of concern, with effect from 23 May. Therefore a ban on transportation and entry into Germany applies from 23 May,” tweeted Germany Embassy in London. DW news also reported that the country’s Robert Koch Institute for public health declared Britain and Northern Ireland a virus variant region on Friday.

The move, which will come into force from Sunday, will see significant travel restrictions introduced. The warning means stricter restrictions and quarantine measures for those arriving from the UK. 96% of COVID-19 Patients Have Antibodies Year After Recovery: Study.

This ban on transportation does not apply on German citizens or persons with a domicile and right of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany and their spouses or registered civil partners from the same household, as per the guideline issued by the Embassy. Germany reported 3,635,162 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 87,128 deaths so far, as per World Health Organisation.

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