Giorgi Danelia, A Distinguished Name in the Digital World Whose Work Says it All


He has conquered distinct niches and emerged gloriously in all.

The digital world offers a plethora of opportunities for those who have the knack to capitalize it in the right way like Giorgi Danelia did with his talent as a photographer, videographer, and social media influencer. This Georgian-born multi-talented individual has been appreciated for his work and has found immense success on YouTube with his vlog channel which he introduced in 2018. His videos gained popularity within a short period of its launch and became viral owing to their engaging content which included quality tech content, reviews, social experiments, funny challenges, impressive aerial shots, and collaborative content with other influencers and TV personalities.

Today, his foremost channel boasts of a huge subscriber base that has crossed more than 165k with more than 45 million views. His other YouTube channel has also accumulated a 120k subscriber base with 127 million views. Apart from running these two channels, he is also the leader of the popular Georgian YouTube ensemble GD Squad which features local social media personalities having crossed 73k subscribers with 13.5M views.

He is a star of popular social media platform Instagram with over 123K followers. His online posts with his wife Teona Chachua, who is a beauty influencer comprising his daily life events, challenges and family pictures with daughter Keira have become a rage taking their social media popularity to soar heights. Giorgi Danelia is also an experienced licensed drone pilot and the founder of Copter LTD, a full video production company, and Copter Tech LTD — The official dealer of DJI in Georgia. We want to know what were the experiences of this digital personality and entrepreneur in his journey towards being successful and what challenges he faced throughout. “I grew up in a family with six kids, so we had limited resources and couldn’t pursue what we really wanted. I started building my career soon and got hooked to a 9-7 job which I eventually quit to take up business full-time. Establishing my production company which would give high-quality content to the Georgian audience was on my first to-do list which I did at the start of my entrepreneurial journey,” informs Giorgi.

Presently his digital content has found wide appreciation and his audience base is growing leaps and bounds by the day. One can proudly say that he is the next superstar of the digital world.