Gladys Marín Santa Chosen As Mrs Antioquia 2021 for Colombia’s One of the Most Prestigious Beauty Contests


Gladys Marín Santa is a well-known model and fitness celebrity on social media. She is a Gerontologist at the Universidad Católica de Oriente (Rionegro, Antioquia). She has an immense passion for fitness and fashion, and her feats prove her talent.

Recently, Mrs. Antioquia 2021 by the Medellín´s Agency: Factory Model chose Gladys as the Mrs. Antioquia 2021 to participate in Mrs, Colombia. It is one of the most prestigious beauty contests in her country. This is her second biggest achievement recently as a few weeks ago; the fitness enthusiast featured in Passion Fitness, the leading Magazine in Las Vegas, United States.

Gladys’career as a fitness model excelled in 2012 when she walked at a popular shopping centre in Medellín wearing shorts. At that time, Estilo Fitness company was looking for models who would be the perfect representation of their brand. They loved her confidence and style and hired her as one of their main models. It helped Gladys to be on the cover of important magazines in the world of fitness and exercise. The beauty also got a chance to pose with the best photographers in her field at the national and international level.

Gladys Marín Santa’s accomplishments over the years will inspire many women to step out and work on their dreams and turn them into reality. In 2009, Gladys won First Place in a virtual fitness contest (Fitness Model of the World). Years ago, She reached 1st Runner Up in the Beauty Contest Most Beautiful Face of Antioquia (Department / State of Colombia). She also featured in several TV commercials.

For Gladys Marín Santa, fitness is of utmost importance. As a Gerontologist, she understands the positive effects fitness and exercise have on physical and mental health. On her social media pages, Gladys promotes fitness and shares many workout videos that encourage people to work on their physical fitness. The fitness model has more than 310,000 followers on her Instagram page and 150,000 followers on Facebook.