Green World Bank Partners With UN Climate Change


The world has witnessed consistently enormous climate changes that have altered the way we live in many ways. The lives of people, animals, and other habitats are always threatened by the effect of drastic climate changes. The sea levels are continuously rising and even the oceans are becoming warmer by the day. Severe climate changes have caused longer, more intense droughts that threaten crops, wildlife, and freshwater supplies.

To make the world better and to adequately address this crisis GreenWorldBank has signed a partnership deal with UN Climate Change. The partnership deal will see both parties take on several projects that will help to urgently reduce carbon pollution and provide strategies to prepare for the consequences of global warming of which the world is currently facing.

The partnership will look to provide:

  •         Advance policies to fight climate change
  •         Engage with businesses to reduce carbon emissions
  •         Help people and nature adapt to a changing climate

GreenWorldBank since it was founded decades ago, has remained true to its commitment to making the world safer, greener, healthier, and more peaceful. The diverse effects caused by climate changes cannot be overstated, and this is due to greenhouse gas emissions produced from several human activities, global temperatures have now become very high and will continue to rise for decades.

Human lives and rights will always be threatened by different climatic changes; more so, posing threats to physical health and survival, food and water shortages, and loss of property, home, and way of life;

GreenWorldBank in agreement with the UN has found more productive ways to offset some of the carbon emissions through cleaner and renewable projects and several forestry schemes in developing countries. This project will help not only to promote a healthier environment but will also help create job opportunities in the countries involved.

Looking at things from the positive side, climate changes may represent opportunities for us to better manage natural resources.

We are working shoulder to shoulder with UN Climate Change and in collaboration with various governments, the private sector, foundations, and international organizations, academia, NGOs, UN agencies, and others to promote positive energy and lasting solutions to climate changes and its effects.

We want to help enlighten the general public about the transformational climate actions and the effects that accompany them. We draw upon our partners’ knowledge and expertise to promote positive, solutions-driven approaches to combat climate change.

GreenWorldBank is also aiding the United Nation in its 10-year Climate Action plan which aims at providing progressive approaches to achieve a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and sourcing 80 percent of electricity from renewable energy by 2030. With this plan, GreenWorldBank and the UN would want to speed up their efforts that focus on reducing consumption through behavioral change, enhancing energy efficiency, and connecting to existing renewable grids.

Our aim for partnering with UN Climate Change and several others is to create a lasting relationship that combines technical assistance and knowledge transfer with financial contributions to secure the implementation of the Paris Agreement for a clean, green climate-resilient future.

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