Hamilton Gmah’s Secrets to Wealth and Abundance: From College Athlete to Serial Global Entrepreneur


Some think that the younger you are, the less likely you are to be able to sustain a business for the long haul. Many assume that young entrepreneurs lack the necessary skills to start and operate a company, especially beyond the 5 or 10 year mark. They lack the discipline, contacts, and financial resources that their more experienced peers possess. But are you sure about this?

Meet Hamilton Gmah, an influential visionary who defied this stereotype by working with a major multinational corporation, establishing himself as an internet influencer, creating a network marketing firm, and overcoming obstacles all at the age of 24!

Hamilton lived in London for the first 16 years of his life, then became a resident of Houston, where he bootstrapped and sprinted his way into financial independence — raking in all those ‘Almighty Dollars’ by ditching the 9-to-5 thing. The recipe? “Work work work work, End goal, Determination, Prayers” he says.

The 1996-born entrepreneur studied Pre Physical Therapy from The University of South Carolina Upstate while working at Red Lobster. Obviously, for a college student studying to become a PT, a Monday-to-Friday grind at a restaurant was not ideal, but Hamilton persisted while looking for job opportunities within his field. While in school Hamilton attended a summit in Detroit in 2019, and achieved the coveted accolade of being a Forbes Under 30 scholar. Hamilton was on the way to securing a successful corporate career, but when the pandemic hit he found himself not only without a job but also with a big opportunity that would change his life – network marketing.

Hamilton switched gears from the corporate life to the hustle of being his own boss at the cost of his comfort and sleep, working hard to secure himself financially, until he was able to turn down corporate job offers due to his own success as an entrepreneur.

“Fall in love with the lifestyle that creates the lifestyle. Sacrifice everything now so you can live a lifetime in paradise,” said Hamilton, while offering his precious advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

A daily grind toward unlocking a life 95-point great eventually set Hamilton on the path to riches. His exposure to platforms like Tradehouse Investment Group and a variety of other respected channels online helped him master the profession, and he benefited greatly from the information obtained from doing so.

In no time, Hamilton kick-started his own network marketing firm that goes by the name “The Hundreds” and also became an affiliated investor of the NASA Investment Group.

Talking about what paved his path to entrepreneurial success, Hamilton says:

“Tradehouse Investment Group, that’s who gave us the blueprint and that’s why we are successful, because of the collective.”

Today, Hamilton is using his company ‘The Hundreds’ as a blueprint for success in the hyper-competitive market. He is enabling cash-strapped individuals to start their own businesses from scratch and break free from the shackles of adversity and close-fisted lives. He teaches aspiring entrepreneurs the way to establish their six to seven figure enterprises from the ground up in a relatively compressed period of time and keep them viable for a lifetime.

“It puts others in a position to have freedom through learning a skill that will pay them for the rest of their life, through this skill they don’t have to be locked into a job anymore, they can just truly live the life they want to live,” says Hamilton while discussing the objectives of his company.

Hamilton encourages teenage entrepreneurs to succeed in their life with an end target in mind, and then work tirelessly to enable the universe to reward you. He exhorts the youth to do their damnedest to overcome life’s obstacles in exchange for infinite privilege later in life.

“Fall in love with the lifestyle that creates the lifestyle. Sacrifice everything now so you can live a lifetime paradise. You can’t treat this like a job, in a job we did just enough to get paid. You have to outwork everybody until it reflects in your bank account, no matter how long it takes.”

About Hamilton Gmah

Hamilton Gmah is a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Houston, TX.  While studying to become a physiotherapist, Hamilton got a wake-up call when a Monday-to-Friday grind at a restaurant made him realize the limited progression involved when working for someone else. Taking inspiration from music mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, the London-born lad made his first entry point into entrepreneurship but as a network marketer and investor. Having amassed big cashflow and a successful business, the influential entrepreneur is now using his company to do the same power of good to the less fortunate youth, showing them the way to build independent companies from the ground up to the dizzy heights of success.