Hampshire’s Lewis McManus receives ECB disciplinary points over Hassan Azad stumping incident against Leicestershire


Wicketkeeper hit with Level 2 penalty after removing bails without having ball in his glove

Lewis McManus, the Hampshire wicketkeeper, has been handed a three-point penalty for “misconduct… equivalent to a Level 2 offence” under the ECB’s disciplinary code but will face no further action after his controversial stumping of Hassan Azad against Leicestershire in the opening round of the County Championship season.

Leicestershire issued a club statement to “express their disappointment with the behaviour of the Hampshire wicketkeeper” after McManus completed the stumping with his left hand despite the fact the ball was in his right, while Paul Nixon, their head coach, said the incident was “something I’ve never seen before in all my years of cricket”.

Stuart Cummings, the match referee, determined that McManus’ offence – which is not directly accounted for in the ECB’s directives – fell into the Level 2 category, under the “any other misconduct” clause. Specific Level 2 offences include showing “serious dissent” at an umpiring decision, making “inappropriate and deliberate physical contact” with another player, or throwing the ball at a player or umpire “in an inappropriate and dangerous manner”.