Here’s Why PM Narendra Modi Praised Divy Ashwinbhai Trivedi!


Every nook and corner of Gandhinagar and Gujrat knows Divy Ashwinbhai Trivedi as this man has poured his heart in keeping the place clean while doing various social activities and brining smiles on people faces.

He has multiple big batch positions under his belt such as the position of Managing Director at Trivedi Associates, Brand Ambassador for the Amateur India Fashion Council, National Secretary for the South Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Vice President of the World Book of Records, Director of Vakradanta Management Consultants Pvt LTD and General Secretary for International Brahmin Parliament and much more.

His applaud worthy work includes was on the occasion of International Yoga Day, in the presence of honourable prime minister Narendra Modi and 750 specially abled , a unique program was organized which was in partnership with Ahmedabad District Administration. 

The program’s main focus was doing silent yoga which was then recognised as a World Record Initiative by World Book of Records. A letter of appreciate too was sent by honourable prime minister  Narendra Modi.

Some of his well known work also includes, Swacch Baharat Abhiyaan, Women Empowerment, helping people get employment opportunities educate and much more.

His vision is slowly but surely spreading accross the nation to see India grow and flourish more and more as a developing country and one day be at one of the top most positions. Well, now you know why honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned Divy’s example in his rally.