Honda and Acura electric cars to use General Motors’ Ultium batteries


Japanese automobile giant Honda has announced that it will introduce two new electric cars by 2024 in the North American market, which will be based on the automaker’s new e:Architecture EV platform and be powered by General Motors’ Ultium batteries. One of these two electric cars will be badged as a Honda model, while the other one will be spawned out by Honda’s subsidiary Acura.

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Both the Honda and Acura electric cars will be the result of the partnership of the Japanese automaker and General Motors. However, despite the two electric cars drawing energy from GM’s Ultium batteries, it is not sure if other components will be shared under this partnership or not.

As Japanese automaker has said in a statement, Honda and GM are jointly developing two large-sized electric vehicle models using the latter’s Ultium batteries. “We are planning to introduce these models to the North American market as model year 2024 vehicles, one from Honda brand and the other from the Acura brand,” further added the Honda statement.

This is not the first time, the news about upcoming Honda and Acura EVs surfaced. Earlier this year, the news emerged that GM will produce Honda and Acura EVs for the North American market. While the Honda car would be produced in Ramos Arizpe in Mexico, the Acura model would be built at GM’s plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to become a larger stakeholder in the EV battery space, where Chinese companies hold the lion’s share, General Motors has decided to start a second manufacturing plant in the US for the Ultium lithium-ion battery cell. This battery plant will not only supply the upcoming General Motors electric cars, but the Honda and Acura models as well.