How Adriana Brito Carved Her Success as Both an In-House Developer Agent and A Realtor


In the world of business, it’s not about who you know, but who knows you. It is extremely important for agents in today’s digital age to have a strong online presence, so that they can increase their visibility and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The real estate industry is saturated with countless amounts of agents, so you must be able to differentiate yourself. Adriana Brito’s innate ability to build relationships both online and offline has led her to building monumental success in Miami’s competitive Real Estate market. It’s no secret that this top producer stays up to date on market trends, spends time networking, and continuously shows up for her clients. Adriana is the definition of hard work and consistency.

Brito is well-known in South Florida’s Real Estate market for her business-savvy skills and ability to build long-term relationships. Her supernatural ability to win friends and influence people has allowed her to expand her network to incredible heights, in result increasing her sales volume. “I build relationships that last and they always lead me to more work through direct referrals. This is evident in the loyalty that I have built with my clients,” she later explained. In fact, Brito has reached an unassailable milestone in sales.

Since 2013, Adriana has sold over $200 million and has been continuously recognized as a Platinum Level Top Producer in both General Real Estate and Development Sales. That feat is made even more special by the fact that she works alone. She doesn’t boast a team of sub agents and assistants to make these goals a reality and that is what makes her success more beguiling. 

“I love Miami, but then again, I’m biased,” explained Adriana. “But it really does have a huge number of selling points when it comes to convincing prospective buyers looking to purchase a property here. I think COVID-19 put a healthy lifestyle into perspective and the importance of feeling comfortable yet inspired by where you live. I think the buyers that are migrating from all over the world, realize that Miami not only feels like home it inspires you to live your best life.”  

Brito is also very well known on her social networks for her impressive culinary skills, Instagram stories of her cooking are legendary for detailed and precise execution of recipes that are easy to follow. She explains that her passion for cooking is because it’s therapeutic for her soul.