How Ifeoma Okonta Is Creating A Positive Change In The Online World


The internet has come with reforms to make processes and businesses operate with ease. However, people have and are gradually embracing digital methods, and thus creating and refining a brand is essential to stand out. It can be challenging, but with Ifeoma Okonta, also known as Iffy Love, you can get all the help you need with your brand to succeed. From running ads to getting brand deals and simply growing your social media presence. She finds joy in partnering with individuals to create change in our world.

Ifeoma’s Biography

Ifeoma Okonta graduated from nursing school and had a mixture of feelings about whether to continue in the medical field or to pursue her dreams. After fighting her calling, she gathered the confidence and went into full-time entrepreneurship. Ifeoma has always had the entrepreneurial gut in her, and had a great ability of finding high-performing products and services to sell. Those around her began asking her for help in creating and building their businesses, and Ifeoma realized that she could begin charging for her services. 

 She currently owns and invests in numerous businesses, notably Eliori Inc, & Powerstone Agency,  and uses social media to grow her brands. She has worked with multi-million-dollar corporations and new companies, to help in marketing and business development. She co-hosts a Canadian show called ‘The Culture’ where they talk about music, entertainment, fashion, and culture trends, following her passion for those topics. Additionally, she empowers her community to give back and change society using the tools available to them.

Impacting Brands

Here are the driving forces behind Ifeoma’s unprecedented strides in positively impacting brands:

1 Faith

Ifeoma attributes her successes and  perseverance to her faith in God. She also affirms that with faith you can overcome just about anything!

2 The Right Mindset

Ifeoma stresses the importance of having a positive attitude for success. For Ifeoma, it is the belief that success is a state of being and not doing. She also believes that the most successful person is not the one with the most wealth but has touched the most lives. This attitude is what guides her actions.

3 The Right Information

As someone who invests greatly  into self-education, Ifeoma states that information is power. Ifeoma’s mission is to spread the right knowledge to her community. She empowers them to develop skills that impact their businesses and the world. According to Ifeoma, with the right information, you can turn your talent into power!


Ifeoma Okonta finds joy in impacting lives. She finds purpose in using her potentials to empower individuals, organizations, and the world to achieve their maximum potential. Follow her on Instagram @BigBagBA x @Iffyalove.

Interview compiled by LuxVision Media Group Inc.