How the Dr Jose Ramirez Method Is Changing the Way Patients View Oral Health


Dr Jose Ramirez is a dentist with a simple vision. He wants to send a clear message that he truly cares for each of his patients. To achieve his goal, he promises them impeccable and transparent service to surpass their expectations. Dr. Ramirez knows the anxiety so many people face surrounding dental visits. Dentistry is his passion. He finds it soul rewarding to be able to improve someone’s oral health and see the confidence in their smile.

When it comes to dental visits, Dr Ramirez has noticed that people are either ill-informed, or created misconceptions. This tends to result in the anxiety that prevents them from keeping up with proper oral care. To change this paradigm, Dr Ramirez has become passionate about demystifying the dental visit. He wants patients to know it does not have to be a high anxiety experience. To do this, he publishes articles in local magazines and utilizes social media to reach as many people as possible. But his greatest asset in creating a relaxing environment for his patients is his team. “Together, we have been able to provide a stress-free environment for our patients, which makes them feel confident and look forward to their next appointment and keeping an optimal oral health,” he says.

Dr Ramirez has faced challenges having to start over twice. His journey began in Cuba, where he was born. He moved to Venezuela during his teenage years. It was while living in Venezuela Dr Ramirez attended and graduated from dental school in 2008. Soon after he left his friends and family behind for an opportunity. He moved to the US, where was accepted to the International Dental Program at Nova Southeastern University. Dr Ramirez moved to Naples, FL to start his own practice, a decision that meant starting over for a second time. Now he is able to use his love for dentistry to create both a professional and personal life balance. Not only is Dr Ramirez able to serve his patients and enhance their lives, but he loves knowing his passion supports his family.

What’s next for Dr Ramirez? He is opening a new dental practice in Naples, FL in the summer of 2021. In his free time, he enjoys time with his wife and two children. He loves playing music, spending time at the beach and traveling.