How to apply for an e-pass in Kolkata during Covid-19 lockdown


West Bengal government has imposed a stricter lockdown from May 16, 2021, in an attempt to curb the rapidly rising Covid-19 cases in the state. Unnecessary vehicular movement has been curbed in this lockdown. However, the essential and emergency services and vehicular movement for such purposes have been exempted from the lockdown restrictions.

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In Kolkata, people associated with emergency services or organizations, e-commerce delivery, online delivery services, media persons are allowed to move with their vehicles, but they have to get an e-pass from the Kolkata Police.

The Kolkata Police has started issuing e-pass through a dedicated website, where you can apply for an e-pass. After providing the required information, you will be issued an e-pass which will allow you to move in a private or non-private vehicle on roads.

According to Kolkata Police, the e-pass service has been initiated on May 15, Saturday, for the vehicles associated with emergency services and online delivery service. The persons applying for an e-pass will get the QR code-enabled e-pass in their e-mail id or through SMS after providing the required details.

These e-passes have to be shown at the police pickets or at the checking points. The e-passes issued by Kolkata Police will be valid for the specific time period, route, and area.

Procedure to get the e-pass.

On Sunday morning as well, there were reports of the e-pass website not being accessible. When contacted about the issue by HT Auto, an official from Kolkata Police’s headquarter Lalbazar said that as many people are trying to open the dedicated e-pass website, it could appear non-accessible for some people. He also said that the Kolkata Police is trying to resolve the issue whenever such a problem is occurring. Also, the entire process is centrally monitored. No individual police station is issuing any e-pass to the commuters.