How To Build Multi Million Dollar Ecommerce Stores; the Story of Ludovico Apollonio


Ludovico Apollonio is an online entrepreneur defined by Forbes as one of the leading online marketing experts, founder of different online brands. Here he shares his insights on building a successful brand from virtually zero resources and how to build a product that resonates with customers.

Recently, Ludovico has started sharing some of his wisdom regarding his business ventures and how he got started in the world of eCommerce. Below you’ll find some of the key ideas that helped him go from rock-bottom to a multi-million-dollar success.

1.) Create a Product That Solves a Problem:

Ideally a problem that resonates as strongly with you and your target audience as possible. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, simply solve the problem in a different way that adds value and solves a pain point for the user.

2.) Determine Your Target Audience

When you think of establishing a brand for your online store, always have it in mind that there is no brand without customers. Thus, you need to identify your potential customers or the group of people you want to market your products and services.

You also need to understand that you can’t please everyone in the market. You can’t satisfy the needs of every group of people. There has to be a specific audience for your products and services.

Make sure you know the exact requirements that you are trying to meet with your brand. When it comes to establishing, it is best to narrow down your focus on a specific audience as it helps you stand out among your competitors.

3.) Unique Design

Design is the general outlook of your brand. It is a vital step in building and growing your brand. This step involves deciding on the kind of font, logo, and color to use. The aim here is to keep it simple and develop a spectrum of ideas to get your online brand out there.

The color you pick should help define your brand and communicate your objectives to the public. It should also set you a step ahead of your competitors to avoid confusion. When it comes to picking fonts, ensure it is appealing.

You should select at least two fonts, one for the headings and the other for your website’s texts. Your online business logo should be identifiable, scalable, and unique. It is your brand’s face and therefore needs careful considerations when designing it.

4.) Promote Your Product Through Multiple Channels

Most companies make the mistake of focusing most of their brand-building efforts on one or two media channels in total. With the digital world constantly growing and evolving, you need to explore as many ways to build your brand online as possible. And using multiple channels to accomplish this is the smart business decision to make. After all, that is the best way to make sure that your ads stand on top of those of your competitors.

Consistency is Frankie’s Key

When asked about his life journey and obstacles in life, Frankie maintained that he had seen the extreme lows in life. He and his parents were broke, and so he had nothing to lose. He had his moments of disappointments and despair due to all the financial and mental stress that he had to go through, but he never gave up. He had his head held high towards every obstacle that came his way, and in doing so, some of his friends helped him a lot. He knew that he might not get a second chance, and the moment in hand was the moment to act and take fruitful actions. And so, he took his steps, which he calls imperfect but with perfect consistency. He knew he had no plan B, and that is the reason why he was able to put in all his efforts in that one plan he had. His imperfect actions turned out to be adequate and placed him where he is today—comfortably poised with the reputation of being a brand genius and loads of success yet to come.

Tackling Problems Daily

People tend to underestimate all the work that is being done behind the cameras, or in this case, social media profiles. It took Ludovico a couple of years to earn a vast amount of followers before launching customized products. His patience and diligence have paid off as he never stopped learning. His motto is to keep up with all the changes, making sure you are well-informed, modern, and inspiring for the competitors, and, above all, the audience. In the fast-paced world, customers tend to take a liking to novelties, causing brand owners to stay ahead of the game. Ludovico claims the most successful advertising strategies must be customer-oriented, where being flexible is one of the imperatives. Possessing legal knowledge and knowing how to set up the office is crucial, according to Apollonio, who takes great pride in being able to organize his management team systematically.

How Success Feels

Although the feeling of success differs from person to person, there is one trait that most prosperous business people reportedly share. It is in the sense of financial freedom when entrepreneurs like Ludovico Apollonio dare to step out of the defense and cross to the winners’ side. Finding the right way to communicate with people, being personal, and compassionate is what made him stand out. He credits his success to all the people he met on his way to the top, along with the mistakes which only made him grow more robust. The feeling of success comes as a natural outcome for those who work hard and never give up. His eight-digit wealth is probably the best proof of how anyone can start from scratch and fulfill the wildest of dreams.

Ludovico Apollonio’s attire brand value is increasing as we speak. His stamina and ability to tackle problems landed him the multi-million dollar business. Being open to different solutions, always flexible, and ready to adjust his strategies turned out to be an excellent recipe for success. Ludovico started his journey with nothing but dreams and wishes, which kept him going when things got tough. Not having money to rely on, he kept on improving himself and his business. Carefully listening to his audience, as well as colleagues, has only helped him to build a strong basis for future endeavours.