ICC mulls regular Test matches for non-WTC Full Members and Associates in next FTP cycle


Full Members outside the WTC have been pushing for a more formalised “second division” for the WTC

An enhanced structure for more multi-day cricket for Full Members outside the World Test Championship (WTC) and Associates could be a possibility in the next cricket calendar. Though the discussions, which took place last week at the ICC’s scheduling meeting, are at a very formative stage, they took in the possibility of revisiting a past effort to form a second division for Test cricket.

According to multiple sources, such a format could be a blended structure combining Afghanistan, Ireland and Zimbabwe – who play Tests but are not part of the WTC – and Associates with ODI status including Netherlands, Scotland and potentially others.

“I know it’s been mooted,” an Associate administrator told ESPNcricinfo. “I think every nation and every governing body is trying to find ways to make the game better. We’re here to deliver cricket and improve the standards of cricket globally.”