If We All Will Come Together Even The Darkest Time Will Go and The Sun Will Rise- Akmal Ali Khan


It’s the time of a deadly pandemic every life is at stake. The second wave of corona has struck and this is affecting a large number of people.  In the past few months the situation was in control but the second wave came and hit from nowhere again.

The festival of holi just passed by and people have to act according to the guidelines and they did so . The guidelines were followed and strictly implemented.  The month of Ramadan is nearing as well many people from different cities go to their respective homes. He requested people to get quarantine for some time and to go for medical help if they see any symptoms as soon as possible. He also made people aware about the vaccination process and suggested they get vaccinated soon. He put a stop to the rumors about vaccines. 

Furthermore, he made them understand the importance of hygiene at this time of pandemic and asked everyone to keep themselves clean and eat healthy. These minor majors can be a lot of help.

He was one of them who came forward and provided food facilities to people. He even distributed masks and sanitizers in the area he organized campaigns and showed how the mask should be worn and to maintain social distancing. 

He is helping those in need by providing things of necessity.  He helps people by providing them job opportunities. He help needy people like children of orphanages and people in old age homes. He visits them regularly and people  adore him alot.

He even speaks about girl child education. He is trying continuously to increase the literacy rate of girl child education in his area. He thinks that change begins at home. He is soon going to do awareness campaigns about the same.