In one day since unveiling, Ford F-150 Lightning gets 20,000 bookings


Ford F-150 Lightning is the company’s biggest bet in the world of electric mobility and seems to have made a solid case for itself in the American market. Apart from the fact that US President Joe Biden got behind the wheels of a F-150 Lightning earlier this week, the battery-powered pick-up truck has generated quite a lot of buzz on its own merit and in just 24 hours since its unveiling, raked up 20,000 bookings.

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Ford CEO Jim Farley, in an interview with a US news channel, confirmed the number of bookings. That the F-150 Lightning starts at $39,974 may mean that it isn’t exactly the priciest and coupled with EV incentives in the US, could cost even lower. The XLT and the range-topping Platinum variants, however, are priced at $52,974 and $90,474, respectively and before any incentives.

Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck will come with a range of 370 kms on single charge.
Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck will come with a range of 370 kms on single charge.

Ford is looking at mounting a massive challenge to rivals like Volkswagen and Tesla with the F-150 Lightning. Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be a main rival but the fact that it isn’t expected on roads till early next year means that this Ford will have a free run of sorts.

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But there’s much that Ford is bragging about F-150 Lightning. The pick-up, with a standard battery, has a per-charge range of 370 kms has 563 hp of power and over 1,000 Nm of torque. Fitted with a long list of gadgets inside – a 15-inch infotainment screen and a 12-inch instrument cluster, to name a few, the pick-up claims to hit 100 kmph in around 4.5 seconds. It can also tow 5,000 pounds (2,267 kilos) in standard form and 7,700 pounds (3,500 kilos) with optional package.

Most interesting, perhaps, is the option to power a standard American home for up to three days with the optional Charge Station Pro unit.

All of these and more may help Ford notch up even higher numbers in bookings for the F-150 Lightning in the days to come.