India Kathmandu flights: ‘Don’t travel to Kathmandu just for transiting to third countries,’ Indian nationals advised


Amid the massive surge in Covid cases, about 20 countries have either suspended passengers flights from India or imposed strict entry norms. (Representative image)

NEW DELHI: The Indian embassy in Nepal has advised passengers not to travel to Kathmandu from India only for the purpose for transiting to others parts of the world.
The order comes at a time when a number of countries like the UK, Canada, Australia and UAE have suspended flights to India. While some other countries have restrictions for travellers from India.
Due to this, perhaps, some travellers from India are flying to Kathmandu to take connecting flights to other countries.
To be sure, there are no travel restrictions on Indians traveling to Kathmandu with Nepal as their final destination. However, all pandemic-time requirements need to be met by such travellers.
The Indian Embassy in Nepal on Tuesday issued an “important advisory regarding Indian nationals travelling to third countries via Nepal”.
It said that Nepal has restricted “arrival of foreigners intending to travel to third countries via Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and using TIA as transit airport from April 28, 2021, midnight till the next notice”.
“Indian nationals are advised accordingly to avoid travel to Nepal for the purposes of onward journeys to third countries because of restrictions after Wednesday (April 28).… Embassy is in contact with Nepalese authorities to facilitate travel of bona fide Indian nationals already in Nepal,” the Indian embassy statement said.
It adds that “ongoing services provided to travellers arriving to Nepal as final destination and departing from Nepal will be continued as usual.”
Amid the massive surge in Covid cases in India, about 20 countries have either suspended passengers flights from India for varying periods of time or imposed strict entry norms for travellers from here. Some countries are not allowing entry to travellers who have been in India in last 14 days.
Restrictions on travel from India have been imposed by countries like Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Iran, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bangladesh, Maldives, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.
People can travel from India to some of these places like Canada if they have spent more than 14 days in a third country and have a negative Covid test report from that country.