Inspirational Book For Kids by Author Susan Nwokedi Now Available on Amazon


Author Susan Nwokedi, in partnership with illustrator Paula Ada Cantu, has announced the forthcoming release of her uplifting illustrated novel, Oma and the Prince, written for readers aged 5 to 12. Nwokedi was inspired to write by her youngest child, who wondered whether she could be a princess because none of the ones she saw looked like her.

Oma and the Prince is a unique African fairytale that follows the journey of Oma, a poor girl with a rare skin disease. Despite being ridiculed because of her appearance, Oma never lets others determine her worth. Instead, she continues to embody the positive qualities that help her care for the less fortunate, find happiness, and love herself. In the end, she learns that inner beauty is what truly matters.

While writing Oma and the Prince, Nwokedi drew upon her own life lessons and anecdotes handed down by her grandmother. She also imbued her work with the messages and themes she hopes will resonate with her daughter. As an author, a mother and an educator, Nwokedi wants to show all children that they can dream big and aim high. Love can’t be kept down.

Oma and the Prince is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Young readers up to age 12 will enjoy Nwokedi’s mind-blowing, empowering tale. Oma and the Prince is an excellent way for parents or guardians to broach the subjects of self-love, bullying, self-advocacy, and diversity with their children. Through the eyes of Oma, children can learn how a positive outlook can make a world of difference, regardless of what others might say. In a time of global upset and the disruption of many social routines, Nwokedi’s work is especially powerful.

Susan Ngozi Nwokedi is an award-winning filmmaker with over 15 years of experience in the film and entertainment industry. Nwokedi can be found online at After graduating from the University of Houston and obtaining two Master’s degrees, she founded TopLine Productions and Entertainment Company. Realizing her passion as an educator and a leader, she opened the Children Come Click Education & Technology Center, a supplemental education enrichment program that provides K-12 support and adult education services.