Italy set to construct its first stretch of inductive motorway for EVs


Italy is all ready to get its first stretch of inductive motorway for electric vehicles that will push the country ahead in the race of electric mobility. A group of multinational companies joined hands to launch project Arena del Futuro which consists of the construction of a 1,050-metre asphalt ring powered by 1MW of electrical power to carry on contactless charging of electric vehicles, said a report by Motor1. This route runs between Brescia and Milan nearing the Chiari Ovest exit. This path may run a short distance for now, but if successfully made, will achieve a feat of its own.

This closed ring road will be charged by wireless charging company ElectReon that will use static as well as dynamic power technologies to charge both stationary and in-motion vehicles in the designated area. The project that will bring Italy into the limelight includes 14 different members which includes both industrial partners and Italian universities.

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These partners are the A35 Brebemi-Aleatica motorway, ABB, ElectReon, IVECO, IVECO Bus, FIAMM Energy Technology, Mapei, Pizzarotti, Prysmian, Stellantis, Politecnico di Milano, TIM, University of Parma and Roma Tre University. Oren Ezer, the CEO of ElectReon said that the company was honoured to partner with automotive giants such as IVECO and Stellantis, to demonstrate the viability of wireless charging technologies to power Electric Road Systems (ERS).

The companies are also planning to explore 5G technology and Internet of Things connectivity to ensure optimal safety on the road. Research and studies are also being conducted to improve the efficiency of the road surface for charging and also make it more durable.

However, no tentative dates have been revealed regarding the completion of this project, said the report. It also added that many Stellantis passenger vehicles and an Iveco intercity bus have been planned to be part of the project. There is no mention as to will these be electric vehicles or scooters, said the report.