Jay Piggin, Speaking About His Experience in Sports and How This Motivated Him to Enter into a Career in Fitness


Jay Piggin is one of the most popular coaches in the fitness industry, migrating his services online in order to continue serving the needs of his clients, especially during the pandemic when people were condemned to their homes.

Jay has built his own brand and established an exceedingly positive reputation as a fitness coach. He initially worked within gyms, building a loyal base of clients that grew daily. The decision to move on from this environment was taken in order to establish his brand, sought through his hunger for personal growth. This hunger paid off for Jay as he began working as a freelance coach. By developing his online training business, Jay has been helping people stay fit for free.

As an athlete himself, Jay is known for transforming people’s lives. Jay has been leading the fitness industry for the past 6 years, coaching clients in over 55 countries from all over the world. Jay has been helping thousands of people get into the best shape of their life.

Starting his journey as a sportsperson, Jay has a lot of interest in sports growing up. It is this obsession that motivated Jay to enter the fitness industry. For Jay, fitness ranks above everything, “You just need to put in the hard work continuously to get the best physique. Alongside working out, it is also important to know what kind of food you eat. Proper nutrition is a pre-requisite to getting in your best shape”, Jay has stated.

Many aspiring fitness coaches and athletes consider Jay as an inspiration, with him currently mentoring several personal trainers around the globe, guiding them on how to make a successful career in fitness through online coaching. Jay has been instrumental in guiding many professional athletes as well.

Recently Jay has launched his own fitness clothing line labelled ‘Elite Status’. He will soon be launching a brand of his own supplements. The fitness expert is making a way into people’s hearts. Positivity and motivation are what everyone needs in life and Jay is bringing a change with both aspects.