Jeffrey Dean Morgan Birthday Special: 5 Reasons Why The Comedian From Zack Snyder’s Watchmen Is His Best Role Yet!


In 2009 Zack Snyder gave us his adaptation of Watchmen, based on the graphic novel of the same name by DC, the movie was released to generally positive review by critics. While some argued about its plot, everyone was on the same page about one thing, and that was Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s performance as Edward Blake aka The Comedian. Jeffrey Dean Morgan Birthday Special: Popular Quotes by Negan from ‘The Walking Dead’ That Are Weirdly Funny.

 A morally gray character who was a part of The Minutemen, Morgan played this role really well as a person you’re supposed to hate but sympathize within some scenes. So to celebrate his 55th birthday we take a look at why The Comedian is his best role yet. Hilarie Burton Roped In for Husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s The Walking Dead Series. 

His Accuracy to the Comics

Morgan nails down the tone of the character to the bone. He is accurate as to how Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons portrayed him In the graphic novel. From his comic accurate costume to the things he does in the film, he is portrayed perfectly.

His Moral Compass

Even though he does some really unspeakable things in the film, you still sympathize with in some way. Like you want to hate him but there is something holding you back from doing that, and I think that part of his character is done very well, where you want to hate him but you still can’t.

His Back Story

In a film that’s almost about three hours long, it does really well in fleshing out its characters and so is the case with The Comedian as well. It explains as to why he stopped believing in fighting for his country, which led to him having a falling out with The Minutemen. It just gives a lot of depth to this character.

His Opening Scene

It’s ironic how he dies in the first few minutes of the movie and is the biggest part of it. The scene where he dies is amazing on all accounts, the amazing and over-the-top fight choreography makes it a joy to watch and is just shot really well and sells you on the idea of how this is a different comic book movie.

Morgan’s Acting

Now of course we have to credit the man himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The character is effective due to how Morgan plays him, he is easily able to translate his tone onto the screen and as a viewer it’s hard not to admire his talents.

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