Keeping the Faith: Braxton Yoeman Reminds Boise Business Owners to Contribute to Charity and Church


2020 has been besieged with some of the most historic challenges we have seen in modern times. The pandemic has taken its toll on all our daily lives and routines. The new administration in power and resulting economic slowdown has forced many businesses to close their doors and has taken away people’s livelihoods and their ability to provide for themselves and their families. To make matters worse, there has been a deepening polarization within our society and country. Now more than ever, it’s times like these when we need to renew our faith in our fellow men and women.

Braxton Yoeman, Nationally Recognized Business Coach and Resident of Boise, ID

When kindness, tolerance, compassion, and goodwill seem to be in short supply, it is important to recognize people who go above and beyond in helping others, particularly in these times of great need.

Many charitable institutions have a wide variety of programs to help ease the burden of these trying times. But many of these organizations are themselves reliant on donors and benefactors for resources and financial support.

As a timely response, local business owner Braxton Yoeman has recently increased his giving and commitment to Calvary Boise, particularly to support their ‘Family Dinners’ initiative, supporting those in the community who struggle with food insecurity. Calvary Boise is a local church based in Boise, Idaho, with a mission to help people live according to God’s word. The church exists to share the love of God by helping people who face life’s difficult challenges.

Braxton Yoeman is no stranger to life’s difficulties, and those who have helped him along the way. While being a nationally recognized business coach, he’s been very vocal about his faith in God, the need to stay connected within the local community, and the need to ‘pay-it-forward.’

In fact, for Mr. Yoeman, it is all part of his pay-it-forward mentality. According to him “We’ve all gone through tough times, and certainly, we’re going through even tougher times right now. In my own experience, the difference between having just a little help or having no help at all can make all the difference in the world. For me, during my most difficult times, it’s been my family and faith that have helped me every time. That is more important now than ever, and if my actions can inspire just one more person to do the same, then I did my job.”

The successful business coach further states that “Of course, it’s not about hand-me-downs, freebies, and dole-outs. A lot of people only need a break from fighting it alone. Or a nudge to kick-start things into running again. I know I’ve been fortunate to be blessed with a business that isn’t dependent on my location, or lockdowns, or any of that – but most haven’t been, and we need to help those in our community now more than ever before.”

Mr. Yoeman continued to explain why he is a member of Calvary Boise. “Calvary Boise is all about ‘HOPE’; something I feel is desperately needed right now. They have shown us that things can be better. And for those who may have lost hope now, just temporarily, those are the ones we need to reach out to so they know they are not alone, and that brighter days are still ahead.”

In supporting charities and church, Braxton Yoeman draws some parallels to his line of work, “As the business has grown over the years, I’ve considered creating my very own foundation or a namesake charity, but starting that from the ground-up would take all of my time and then some. My current clients are still my primary focus, and my charity efforts are similar to my business in that I try to find the very best people to work with, and channel all of my focus and effort to them – if they already have a working and proven system, then I do my best to support them. And in this case with Calvary Boise, I love everything about what they are doing and aspire to do, and I really want to support them as much as I can and encourage others to do the same.”

Braxton Yoeman gives another incentive for individuals or groups to participate in charity work, “No matter how small, it’s seeding the local economy. I ask all my clients, no matter their location, to choose a charity of their choice to support regularly. I believe that as your success grows, so does your need to pay-it-forward and to give back. God usually gives that back to you ten-fold, and I’ve seen it in my own life more times than I can count. Calvary Boise is doing great work, and I’m happy to be a part of their congregation and community.”