Keilley Lee Marques: An Entrepreneur Towards New Goals Everyday


Life should not be like a routine or everyday, it should be new everyday. This does not happen automatically, we have to make efforts for something new everyday that gives us new goals, new enthusiasm, new charm for the next day. And there we start loving our life. That’s how Keilley has lived her 30 yrs. of life. Keilley Lee Marques, a Jewellery designer, is an adventurous woman. She is licensed in arts and got her degree in Jewellery, Management & Business Administration. She is the founder of KLeeOfficial, a company founded by her in Barcelona, Spain. Her new jewellery collection is “Seven seas” named after Keilley Lee Marques. She chose this theme inspired by an ancient phrase that describes the seven oceans of the world or seven seas. She is married to Lubos Barton, a retired professional basketball player. Lubos barton, born in Czech Republic, is now a basketball coach and head of Czech under 18 national team and this is the reason They have their life around basketball and keep moving. They are blessed with two Beautiful children.

When Keilley was just 2 years old, her parents split up and her mother was a gospel singer in Bahia, so she had to visit churches in different cities & towns. Keilley developed deep faith in God and started talking to people about God at that young age. Her purity reflected in her eyes touched every single heart, she used to talk to. Her body development started at very young age due to which she was teased by her schoolmates. Seeing her older sister winning awards as a model, she wanted to be into modelling. But soon she realised her body is not for modelling. At that time, she started playing volleyball which diverted her mind from other things. Soon she started seeing positive effects of practices on her body. From indoor volleyball she switched to beach volleyball later and got to travel foreign countries. She went to Curitiba to get to another level and got more opportunities of development & exposure. She got an opportunity to play in Europe professionally. This sport changed her perspective of life completely.

From a volleyball player to an Entrepreneur, Keilley had a journey full of enthusiasm & life. It’s beautiful that for her passion she never left that love for

life. She has always been a lively person. Today she is an influencer with 160k followers. Despite being mother of 2 children, she managed to give time for writing blogs on her own Website. As a blogger she assisted & visited different events such as Fashion week in Barcelona, Bridal Fashion week and the most important event was Cannes Film Festival, 2019. She has also worked as a PR manager for youth basketball team, Basket Brno in adidas next generation tournament in Istanbul in 2021.

Being 30, she still feels she has a lot more to discover, live and learn. She focuses on living every moment of life. She never misses any part or moment happening. She says,” Every country, every city that I have visited, made me feel awesome & I never felt like leaving that place”. She loves food, fashion, travel, photography & video. For her being healthy is equally important so she gives much time to exercises. .

Keilley dreams everyday. She was stopped many times by different circumstances but she kept on dreaming, loving & this made her living actually. She is a great example of passion and love and says, “Keep living your life with more energy everyday, love will definitely come out of it”.