Keyla Maria Shares Her Secrets to Trading your Way to Time Freedom


Every parent wants to watch their child grow up without missing a single moment. For some, this can be difficult, especially when working multiple jobs to make ends meet takes up the precious time that could be better spent with family. Meet Keyla Maria: an inspirational mom and successful business woman teaching parents everywhere how to get control back over their daily 24 hours to dedicate more time where it counts.

Keyla was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She started in the workforce at the age of 15 as a recruiter for a modelling company, giving Keyla her first taste of hustling for sales in the commission based role. Keyla went to college graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

After having her son, Keyla really felt the pressures of being a single mom working multiple jobs to support herself and her child.

“I really didn’t have the time I needed to spend with my kid, that was the main problem. It was 7 nights a week I was working from one job to the next. I wanted to have those experiences with him when he’s young and working constantly at different jobs wasn’t giving me the chance to do that,” says Keyla. 

It was in May of 2020, that Keyla was introduced to the opportunity that would return not just her time but give her financial independence – trading in the foreign exchange market. Understanding the potential in the opportunity, Keyla set to work, building a team of hard-working individuals who understand the value of time as our biggest asset. 

To date, Keyla’s business called “Gold Diggers” has expanded globally, with over 130 team members in various locations across the globe, like the US, Jamaica, and Mexico to name a few.

When discussing the services Gold Diggers provides, Keyla says:

“We teach people how to trade in the foreign exchange market. Once they’ve learned this skill it can be extra income to give them more control over the 24 hours they have in a day. They no longer have to work multiple 9-5 jobs, if any, to have freedom. This extra income can then be used to fund other businesses, hobbies, or whatever it is they’re passionate about.”

Now that Keyla has established herself as a successful businesswoman with all the time she desires to spend with her family, she wants to do the same for other single parents who are struggling to find the time to do the things that are important to them. 

“I work with a lot of single parents – I try to show them that if I’m doing it, they can do it too! You know, I started with no experience, I came from nothing and I’ve been able to build myself up to the point where I’m at today, which I’m very proud of. I no longer have to work in jobs that I don’t like or that aren’t helping me grow as a person, I can now focus my time and energy on things that matter and things that I enjoy,” says Keyla. 

Keyla’s passion for helping others and her love for her family has pushed her to levels of success she had never imagined. Her inspirational story, although uplifting, did not come without its share of difficulties, that Keyla has since learned from and grown through. 

“Growing up I only spoke spanish and coming to America without knowing how to speak any english was difficult. But I worked hard, my mom had a friend who introduced me to Rosetta Stone and very quickly I was able to understand english well enough that I didn’t need to be in ESL classes in school. Being in these situations really helps you to learn to adapt quickly to new environments and circumstances, and when I started this business of course there were challenges – mainly family and friends not being supportive in my decisions. But I don’t allow that to take my focus off what’s important – my son and my wife. As a mom I can never look at my kid and tell him that I gave up. I have no choice but to keep pushing, to keep moving. I have had amazing results in trading, and I continue to share in that success with the people I care about and the people who want to learn,” says Keyla. 

This business-minded mom keeps her schedule busy and her heart full, making sure she has time to do what she loves, while mentoring her team with the support they need to grow as entrepreneurs themselves. 

“I wake up around four o’clock in the morning, work on the charts, call out trade setups for my team, then I do live trading sessions at 5:30 to make sure my team is profiting. Throughout the day I’ll check in with my team, going over their productivity and making plans for improvement. Once my day is done around 6-7 I’ll go pick up my son from daycare and the rest of the day is dedicated to him until he goes to sleep. Then it’s back to the charts and working with my team until bed,” says Keyla. 

Keyla’s most pivotal moment in building her business was when she was able to help a fellow mom quit her job because she had found success in trading. This is just the beginning of the difference Keyla has made and continues to make for families who need that extra time to enjoy their lives to the fullest.