Khaleila Davis is The Personal Finance Expert Empowering Others With Faith & Funds


AvaOliviaUnlimited founder and pacesetter, Khaleila Davis, is known for her vast knowledge in the financial industry. As a skilled public speaker, she is committed to assisting like minds via teaching the fundamentals of basic budgeting, financial management, and how to attain concrete financial goals. She is passionate about expanding the knowledge horizon of individuals interested in finance and its related field.

As a keynote public speaker, author, entrepreneur, and business strategist, with a foundation in corporate deals, administration, and finance, Khaleila’s career expands across leadership and entrepreneurial roles. As a proficient speaker, she energetically makes a difference in her clients’ lives via her non-conventional but effective techniques.

A real island girl who, with her parents, immigrated to New York City in the 1980s to fulfill the American Dream. She wound up with a $100,000 debt, but through confidence and discipline, she was able to pay it off in just two years. Now, Khaleila is a financial literacy trainer that enjoys traveling, and has a goal of visiting 100 countries.

Khaleila is also currently a multi-property owner and serial developer as a product of my financial expertise. She uses this experience alongside the methods she used to encourage and teach people who are currently having difficulties with debt resolution. Khaleila is famous for educating individuals who feel deficient in their knowledge regarding fulfillment of purpose, entrepreneurship, personal finances, and leadership.

She formulates consulting sessions, both individual and group sessions, for people in need of financial advice. She gives verified and effective ways on how to improve finances via her public speaking engagements, seminars, panels, and workshops. Often, Khaleila focuses on teaching youth groups the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to enable them to be independent and impact their society. She always emphasizes the fact that being a successful entrepreneur can be achieved regardless of your age.

Khaleila leverages model tools for accounting software, budgeting, tax preparation, expense tracking, payroll management, inventory tracking, and easy billing. She also teaches finances through a biblical lens.

Her audience members adore her realistic techniques that they can use in their personal and professional lives. Meeting planners value Khaleila, referring to her as the “energizer bunny” of their meetings. Her extensive research, growth, and leading large business teams make her an ideal speaker for gatherings related to finance, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

With her company, AvaOliviaUnlimited, Khaleila is committed to the sharing of knowledge to empower people across the world – taking dedication, excellence, and quality service as her core values. As a veteran in her specialized field, Davis brings to the public new insights learned from her frontline experience, enabling her clients to unlock their untapped potential. She illustrates how the invaluable talent that each individual brings to an organization will positively affect your mission with real-world examples. She is known for implementing her faith in approaches taken to solve her client’s financial problems.

As an advocate of financial literacy and a personal finance educator, Khaleila Davis has shared her knowledge via her published book, “Faith and Funds.” More about Khaleila Davis’ company, AvaOliviaUnlimited, can be seen on their official website. Khaleila Davis can be contacted via her official business mail for public speaking engagements and other financial and entrepreneurial-related consultations.