Khanna Gems Group in Talks To Raise $7 Million for Their Brand Gem Selections


Khanna Gems Group which backs Gem Selections®️, the world’s biggest brand of Gemstones is in talks with private investors to raise approximately $7 million. The amount is being raised majorly to support the extensive marketing plans that the group has for its brand Gem Selections. The brand is also utilising the funds to rope in 3-4 big Film Stars as their brand ambassadors.

The funds will also be utilised to fuel its expansion overseas. Gem Selections has an astonishing footprint today & is considered the only authority in the world when it comes to Gemstones. With over 600 dealers, 1200 affiliates, 15 stores & 3 online properties; Gem Selections emerges as an omni-channel brand.

The brand has vertically integrated operations as it is backed by the Khanna Gems Group which controls cutting & polishing units in Khambhat & Surat & also controls purchase offices in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Belgium & Burma. According to sources, the funding round will be a combination of debt & equity. The management refused to comment anything with regards to the funding round.

Khanna Gems Group backs various brands like Khanna Gems, Gem Selections, Da Realeza, Prabhu Kripa Dham, Khanna Perfumeries & Khanna Handicrafts. The group is known for building long term businesses. The group does not invest seeing the short term scenario but envisages the future & bets on future. That is the only reason that the group is in expansion mode during these Covid times.

The group believes that the kind of deals that one could get at this time is unparalleled. The property market is down right now & very good bargaining power can be exercised right now with all the vendors as well, good manpower can also be recruited at reasonable salaries. The group has also invested in the technologies of the future like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. The group’s 5 year strategy is to grow its retail business & simultaneously enter into the Tech industry as well.