Kim Kardashian’s Bleached Eyebrows and Blonde Hair Look Goes Viral! Here’s How You Can Get Fake Bleached Eyebrows at Home (Watch Video)


Bleached eyebrow(the fake kind) is quite popular amongst beauty bloggers and enthusiasts. You may have seen Jeffree Star try it out many times. And the most recent person try this out is everyone’s favourite Kim Kardashian. This picture is now going viral and fans cannot stop talking about it. However, in the case of Kim Kardashian, she hasn’t probably fake bleached it, it is real full-on bleached brows but maybe not permanent. You have to check out the photos to believe it. She is almost looking unrecognizable in the pictures. Her glam squad including celeb hairstylist Jesus Guerrero and makeup artist Ariel Tejada are the people who worked behind this transformation. One person on Twitter wrote, “She turning into Jeffree star to win back Kanye,” referencing the bizarre rumor that Jeffree and Kanye West had an affair (It’s fake, no evidence there). Jeffree saw the tweet and retweeted it, writing, “Time to log off for the day…” How to Thread Eyebrows at Home? Easy Step-by-Step DIY Threading Guide to Shape Your Brows (Watch Video). 

Here’s How Jeffree Responded:

How You Can Get Bleached Eyebrows Look at Home

The most effective way to create temporary bleached brows is by applying multiple layers of concealer. Brush a small amount of concealer through your brows to create even layers. Don’t apply too much concealer at once.


The use of chemical compounds to our skin or hair is always harmful and eyebrow bleaching also no exception. A bleached eyebrow look does not go well with all types of hair tones. It also doesn’t suit all skin complexions well. The color of brow bleach might stain the skin in your eyebrow areas.

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