Kim Livingstone, an Exceptional Designer Using Her Exquisite Designs To Reflect Her Worldview


Kim Livingstone, a designer, and owner of Sand and Stone jewelry is also a wife and a mother of two. Known for her groundbreaking fashion interpretation of metropolitan women,  Kim has dedicated her jewelry and apparel to be inspirational reminders for women.

Hailing from British Columbia Canada, the 38-year-old designer has found her calling in her late 20s and is pursuing her dream of making a difference in women’s life by creating something meaningful for 9+ years now.

Kim has been actively using her platform to voice her opinion about inspiring women and has also set a fundraiser on her website to raise money that goes towards feeding local kids.

She has also gone above and beyond in ensuring that her product purchases are doing something good for society. For every purchase, she donates one dollar to charities that feed local kids and also takes part in fundraising events to help kids play hockey and attend summer camps.

With her thoughtful gesture, she has raised over $40,000 through purchases and given it back to the community with one hope- to bring a positive change in someone’s life. Kim has also been an active member of different charities and uses her privilege and her platform to help others in need.

Every designer has a significance behind their designs, while some designs are signifiers of security or carry the spirit of bygone eras, some of them are also borne from their childhood. For Kim Livingstone, it was more about inspiring women and boosting their confidence by uplifting pieces of jewelry.

With her exquisite collection and more specifically her ‘Tutu Chronicles”, she has made it her mission to empower women from different walks of life and inspired them to embrace their imperfections.

Her jewelry designs represent the road map of her experiences where she believes the stories that she has lived have become a part of who she is. And she has been actively using her skills to create something meaningful for others too.

Being a working mother herself, she has lived the struggles of carrying two full-time jobs on her shoulders- taking care of her kids and being an entrepreneur.But she is constantly learning how to find a balance in her motherhood and business ownership, and is trying to manage the feeling of overwhelm on a daily basis. She uses her experience to teach other women the importance of having their own identity.

Kim seeks to motivate women to be true to their own selves and be kinder every day. Her pieces are designed to make women feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. She has given a purpose to her jewelry line by using their uplifting properties and making women be the walking reminders of all things beautiful and good for others.

She has made it her goal to show the next generation that they can be anything they want, if they work hard, use the gifts that were given to them, and show up as their true selves. With  her influential personality, she is always encouraging others to be proud of their journey as a working mother. She is constantly trying to teach women the importance of having a positive outlook while they are learning to navigate the ups and downs of being a parent and working full time at the same time.

Kim has also been an advocate for having an optimistic perspective in life and not giving up in life despite the many failures that you may face while trying to establish yourself in your profession. She lives by this simple quote, ‘there is something beautiful in every day’ and is always reminding others to do the same.