Kinga Staszalek, One of Australia’s Relationship Coach Creating Real Connections & Committed Relationships


Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek is the founder of Lapis Evolution, Love and Relationships Coach Expert and Family Constellations Practitioner.

She helps people transform their life, love life and relationships. Kinga knows what it’s like to feel unloved, not enough, stuck and constantly pleasing others to fit in. Throughout her life, she has been through a series of heartbreaks and breakdowns.

She believes that everyone deserves authentic love, happiness, has a unique gift to share, and that it is our birthright to feel worthy, fulfilled and enjoy a genuine sense of belonging.

Kinga helps people unlearn what has been taught to them and experienced in the past about love, relationships and success, and guides them to create the life of their dreams with joy, a new perspective and fresh excitement. With a Proven Track Record, Kinga is amongst the Top 1% of Relationship Coaches in Australia.

Kinga’s 3 main expertise:

  1. She helps singles who attract incompatible people to manifest ideal life partners, bringing real connections and committed relationships.
  2. She supports couples who are very much in love, but there is something important missing in their life and they are unsure how to overcome specific challenges.
  3. She takes people on an extraordinary journey to completely transform their love, health and business life.

Kinga’s signature mentoring programs change people lives:

  1. Attract your Life Partner Program
  2. Successful Relationship Program
  3. Unstoppable Transformation Program

Her clients not only experience exponential shifts with their love life but in all aspects of their life. As they upgrade their way of living by putting into practice what Kinga advises, they achieve success.

Visit to watch Kinga’s FREE masterclass, ‘How to attract your ideal partner and create a life together’, where she shares her best-kept secrets that have helped her clients unlock their life with an abundance of love and joy. There is also a series of success stories, people who have transformed their lives and achieved self-worth and are now living the life they truly deserve.