Latest Anime Beauty Trend, Split Hair Colour Is Going Viral on Social Media! Ways to Easily Try It at Home (Watch Video)


Are you an anime fan and also love to experiment with your hair? Well, you can definitely try the new Anime beauty trend called the Split Hair Colour. It may seem an easy hairstyle to try out BUT it is actually not. It may seem like it is all about using two colours to style both sides of your head, BUT  a lot goes into it.  Right from colour combinations to figuring out the part of your hair to colour, split hair is all about bold synchronization.  You need to choose two funky hair colour and try keeping it natural.  Fans have tried this new trend getting inspired by Japanese anime shows like My Hero Academia or Akiba’s Trip. ‘Sunscreen Contouring’, the Viral Beauty Trend Gets a No-No From Experts! Here’s How You Might Be Damaging Your Skin Instead of Protecting It Against UV Rays. 

People already love Japanese beauty tricks. From from skincare routine for soft supple skin to simple yet bold eye make up and ombre lips, Japanese beauty looks are all about colour, shine and minimalism. However, this new hair trends brought in the trend by Anime shows and movies is all about quirk and bold colour choices. This trend allows you to experiment with two colours. All you have to do is split your hair into two halves and colour both the sides or sections of your hair, in two different shades. The colour combination can be anything you want!

Latest Anime Beauty Trend, Split Hair Colour Is Going Viral on Social Media! Ways to Easily Try It at Home. Watch Video:

There are various ways to go about it, You can go for split hair colours with ombre hairstyles. You can also just make sure that the tips of your hair are coloured differently, although it would be way less dramatic.  A less risky option would be to try colouring just a part of your fringe and rock it like a cool highlight too.

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