Lockdowns can cut spread: O2 co Inox

New Delhi: At a time when the country gasps for breath due to the pandemic and oxygen remains in short supply across many cities and towns, top supplier Inox Air Products said on Tuesday that the government should clamp a national lockdown to stop the spread of the virus as it will take “a few more weeks” to ensure adequate supplies across the length and breadth of the country.
“Such waves will continue till such time we break the chain and go for a lockdown. If we don’t, you can’t stop the wave, unless we have 100% vaccination,” Siddharth Jain, director at Inox Air Products, said.
Jain claimed production of oxygen continues to be more than required, but added that transport and logistical challenges and the varying nature in the spread of the virus are leading to shortages.
He said that over the past month, total daily manufacturing of medical-grade oxygen has gone up from around 7,200 metric tonnes to about 9,200 metric tonnes. “This is nothing short of a miracle”
The shortages of O2 continues to occur due to difficulties in supply of oxygen, Jain said, even while lauding the efforts of various governments and agencies in pressing the service of railways, seaways, and flights in transporting the scarce commodity, while creating green corridors for faster movement. Jain said lockdowns in states such as Maharashtra have helped contain the spread of the virus and free up oxygen supplies for other states.