Lourissa Setu Shares How Embracing Your Uniqueness is the Key to a Meaningful Life


Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, which includes the quality of our thoughts, beliefs, and the actions we take in accordance with those thoughts and beliefs. It is clear which entrepreneurs maintain high levels of self-worth and self-confidence simply by observing how their outer world appears.

Lourissa Setu is a 6-figure affiliate marketer who mentors others to transform their lives and their finances by activating their inner gifts and potential. Residing in New Zealand, Lourissa grew up in humble beginnings, growing up in a small town with a population of less than 2,000 people.

As a result of years of inner work and personal growth, Lourissa shares how she has been able to transform her outer world and reality through, first of all, transforming her inner world.

Be Courageous and Openly Express All Parts of You

For entrepreneurs and leaders who act as the “face” of their business or brand, it’s natural to want to show our highlight reels in order to be well-liked and validated. However it does take true courage to be vulnerable with our audiences and show them that we are just as human as they are.

Lourissa has grown her business with ease, simply because she chooses to show up online as the truest, most authentic version of herself. “Parts of myself I used to hide or be a bit embarrassed by have now become parts I love and which makes my business unique.” Lourissa shares.

As a result, she now attracts those who align with her message and less of those who don’t align with her message.

Your Uniqueness Is the Key to a Meaningful Life

Fitting in is overrated, which is a popular belief by those who go against the traditional path in life. After all, there is immense joy and fulfilment to be found when you truly embrace yourself for who you are – quirks and all.

Lourissa was able to embrace her differences a lot more easily once she stopped trying to fit in with the crowd. “I feel so much inner freedom with this that I never have before, and I have experienced and seen so much self-acceptance in myself and other people. Parts of myself I used to hide or be a little bit embarrassed at have now become parts I love and which makes my business unique.” Lourissa explains.

Entrepreneurs are often misfits who choose to create their own path, which means it is natural for them to feel misunderstood by most. Despite the challenges they face from peers, they hold tight onto their desire to pursue their dreams.

Your Internal Dialogue and Thoughts Matter

Lourissa’s coaching involves helping people to alchemize their limiting beliefs and blocks in order to transform their relationship with money and other important factors of their lives. A huge component of this is how to improve their internal dialogue and everyday thoughts.

“If you do not feel worthy enough of what you are wanting to create in your journey it will be hard to bring that into your reality. One big part of this is your internal dialogue and your everyday thoughts because these will play a big part in the belief you have in yourself.” Lourissa shares.

Having gone on to quadruple her working income since quitting her desk job just under one year ago, Lourissa’s sheer dedication and focus on doing the inner work and personal growth has allowed her to bring to life the business success and freedom she once thought was unattainable.