Love Khaani’s Journey From Being a Customer Service Agent at Airport to Internet Sensation


COVID-19  pandemic managed to put a halt on careers of people worldwide, and it was no different for Love Khaani, who was working as a customer service agent but little did she know that the adversary would bring her an opportunity to kickstart a completely different career.

Love Khaani is a 24 years old TikTok sensation who’s ranked number one amongst the Pakistani TikTokers residing in UAE  with over 3 million followers and a blue badge; she enjoys a massive fan following on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, along with being a social media influencer Love Khaani is also a businesswoman and CEO of UAE’s one of the most popular and fastest-growing eCommerce business

From Helping A Stranger To Becoming CEO of Gift Smile:

Love Khaani journey of becoming the CEO of Gift Smile is an interesting one, when she lost her job due to COVID she had 10,000 Dirhams as her end of service benefits money and with that money she wanted to get her a residency VISA of UAE and invest in a project but before she could do this she met an old man in his sixties who was pleading her to help him, she later found out that the man was from Middle East of and was scammed off by an agent who promised him a job in UAE and now he was living on the streets he asked her to help him to get back to his by buying him a ticket back at first Love Khaani was sceptical about helping that old man because she herself was unsure about her own future and needed the money for herself but he pleaded her and asked her to help him in the name of God and as a kind soul Love Khaani is she decided to help that old man despite her own issues, she took him to shop for clothes and gifts for him and his family, offered him food and bought him a plane ticket to his country, afterwards Love Khaani got that Old Man’s Covid Test done and that Old Man was finally able to go back to his home country, for helping that Old Man Love Khaani spent over 5000 Dirhams out off the 10000 Dirhams she had left with her but she was happy that she made him smile. 

By being a selfless person Love Khaani helped the old man, but now she had to face reality, and she needed to think something for herself too; she texted her best friend Malik and told him about her situation and despite not having enough money at that time, Malik helped her to become an investor at Gift Smile FZ LLC, her act of kindness was paid off, but it was only the beginning for Khaani eventually Love Khaani became the CEO of Gift Smile and is working on making Gift Smile venture reach new heights of success, according to Love Khaani she learned a vital lesson from this incident, and she believes that you should always gift a smile to your loved ones and strangers.

Love Khaani’s Eternal Love for Cricket:

Love Khaani is a big cricket fan, and she has been supporting the dreams of those who want to be cricketers; Love Khaani is the first social media star to organise Tape ball Cricket Tournament, and her first and biggest Tape ball Cricket Tournament in history will be held on 14th of May 2021.